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My visit to the MLG Headquarters!

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Are you a PS3 gamer that wants to take your gamr to the next level? Then MLG would be the place for you! Continue reading


Is OnLive the Console killer?

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Today recent reports from GDC came in that OnLive may in fact be the “be all end all” of consoles. Why? To simply put it OnLive can stream content from a network and you download it from said network to your cheap and inexpensive box. Think Live Arcade 10.0… Continue reading

Killzone 2 and the Gamebattles scene?

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Is Killzone 2's popularity enough to get Sony to make a League of their own?

Is Killzone 2's popularity enough to get Sony to make a League of their own?

So, Killzone 2 has been out for a month now and while the game still makes blog headlines, it has not conquered one small thing:

Continue reading

Welcome to BulletLAG!

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So this is a new site but it will be apart of a larger network of Blogs that will cater to all people! So pretty much, I just wanted to introduce myself the name is Alex “Golden” Mendez, and I have a goal with this site. I have tried various times to create fun and intuitive blogs but they all seem to fail. Pretty much I tried to be like every other blogger out there who thinks they are a videogame journalist. Continue reading