Uncharted 2 Multiplayer Speculation

First off I have to tip my hat off to Sony. They are a company that truly does deliver on unique IP’s that continue to push this industry forward. With that said, the recent news about Nathan Drake’s second outing in Uncharted 2: Among Thieves regarding the inclusion of Multiplayer is exciting news. Playing through the first game I couldn’t help but think about the possibilities for Multi-player, and how Naughty Dog would approach it. Now that it is a reality with Uncharted 2 we here at BulletLAG want to speculate on what exactly would be included in an Uncharted 2 with Multi-player.

As a competitive gamer I would hope that Naughty Dog won’t drop the ball and make the MP portion of the game a forgettable experience. Naughty Dog has always been known to put out quality games and hopefully this is no different. I also would hope and pray that the game will take some amount of skill, because most games these days take zero skill, and while many people will disagree with that (looking at you 10th prestige Call of Duty “Pros”) games these days need a learning curve that separates the “best” from the “worst”. All we can do now is speculate and eagerly await the arrival of the Beta coming this summer.

This summer it looks like my PS3 won’t be turning off anytime soon! With inFAMOUS and the Uncharted Beta coming out I know this will be a hot summer for the PS3!



8 Responses to “Uncharted 2 Multiplayer Speculation”

  1. you want a game that requires skill then import Demon’s Souls

    Oh and yeah Naughty Dog only makes games that are awesome so I have faith in them when it comes to their multiplayer

  2. how good is demon souls? i have thought about importing it but i havent read a decent review yet for it?

  3. PS3GOPS3 Says:


    Eurogamer gave Demon Souls 9 out of 10

  4. yamumsawersome Says:

    no we dont need games with a learning curve.
    think about it if the game is made realy hard on the easy difficulty setting than people will try it than throw it away because its to hard and keeps pissing them off.
    i think crushing on uncharted was hard enough.
    look at ninja gaiden 2 you have to block every freaking 2 seconds and your constantly being attacked.
    your enemys get like 10 hits before you can get 1 in.
    and i have NEVER played a game where the 2nd lvl 30 minutes into the game theres a REALY REALY hard boss i mean its just STUPID.
    if i was not such a big fan of ninja games i would of taken it back stright away and never bought another NG game.
    but because i love ninja games so much i finaly finished it and the rest of the game is PISS easy compare to the boss battle in the 2nd chapter

  5. Actually its not stupid its based on preference there are people like you that think hard is bad and that you’d just throw a game away, but there are people like myself who likes to play these games just because I know I’ll have to put in some work.

    Based on your ideal game then Demon’s Souls is definitely not for you but for us who want to play games that would provide a hard challenge from the start until the finish.

  6. It’s looking really good!
    I might want to go buy it but I’ll first need a new PC. *sighs*

    Coming soon review: http://www.naughtydog.com/comingsoon/

    – Lora

  7. You should definitely give Demon Souls a try. You get the best feeling of accomplishment after completing that game.

  8. […] Uncharted 2 Multiplayer Speculation First off I have to tip my hat off to Sony. They are a company that truly does deliver on unique IP’s that […] […]

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