MLG Gamebattles to hold Killzone 2 Online Tourny


That’s right kiddies! MLG Gamebattles along with Sony will be hosting a Killzone 2 Online Tournament with some pretty unique prizes!

Here is the list:

* 1st Place team: T-Shirt, authentic KZN Helghast Suits, DLC codes
* 2nd Place team: T-Shirt, StA 52 assault rifle replicas, DLC codes
* 3rd Place teams (x2): T-Shirt, collectible KZN Busts, DLC codes
* 5th Place teams (x4): T-Shirt, DLC codes
* 9th Place teams (x8) T-Shirt

As you can see it’s different from the normal cash tournaments that are held often on but this is definitely a step in the right direction for the PS3 and GB. You can bet that I will be participating in this tournament for sure!

So if anyone is interested register here! There is also a new functionality with your Gamebattles account that allows to you connect to GB directly with your PSN, and although all is not known now, Gamebattles does promise to incorporate more more Sony related content as time rolls on by.

Check out this video of the killzone 2 Online Championship:

Here is the announcement from Sony and from

Since my last article about Killzone 2 in the Gamebattles scene, I am glad to see some kind of integration with the Sony players. Yet the question is?

Is it too late?

Stay tuned as we bring you coverage on the Online Tournament and other competitive gaming news here on!


One Response to “MLG Gamebattles to hold Killzone 2 Online Tourny”

  1. want to know any info on all up coming tournaments

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