The Next Game – Red Faction: Guerrilla

During the last few weeks the new Red Faction game has really shined as the next competitive title. Some feel it has gained popularity amongst the MLG crowd solely because they are tired of Halo and want something new (i.e. The Shadowrun fan base). Truthfully, that is not the case. RFG really is a game that takes aiming skill, timing, and teamwork. Oddly enough it has the whole package game play wise, but that is where the issues come in.

Custom options

RFG has next to no custom option available so players can alter the game the way they see fit. This isn’t just a competitive gaming request, but this is also a casual gamer request as well. The Halo franchise was so successful because of the ability to alter the game the way you see fit. Back then it was not such a big deal, now though, things are different. People pay $60 for the whole package not a bare bones one.

Don’t mix this up as an article bashing RFG because there is nothing but praise for it from all mediums (Gamers to critics). The fact is, custom options will not only make the game better but it also gives it a chance against games like Call of Duty, Halo, and Killzone.

With that said I am going to round up the Top 5 teams of the Week for RFG. Congrats to:

Xero I Limitz
Killer Instinct

Although it is the first week of competition in RFG these teams should prove to be consistent throughout the season.

Good luck to all teams!

If you want to make a team for Red Faction: Guerrilla sign up here!


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