KIllzone 2 keeps on going!

Every generation there is a game that has unprecedented support from the creators. Last gen it was Halo 2, when Bungie made update after update and still manged to roll out content even while the Halo 3 hype train was in full effect. While Bungie certainly does a lot for its community (MLG Playlist FTW!), the torch must be passed on. Who better to take up that title the Guerrilla Games Team, makers of Killzone 2.

Why is that, you ask? Well, ever since the launch of KZ2 Guerrilla has stood by their word and offered an experience on par with what Xbox gamers have with the Halo franchise. While I am not trying to compare Killzone and Halo (That has been done WAY TOO MUCH), you have to give kudos to developers that still support their games after launch. With the new High Precision mode and the continued support with patches and DLC (Steel & Titanium rocked!), Guerrilla Games certainly knows how to keep their fans happy!

GG to them (see what I did there).

Who do you feel is a great developer that listens to their fans? Sound off in the comments section!


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