Uncharted 2 Beta Analysis

When Uncharted 2 had the major announcement of the inclusion of  Multiplayer, gamers has mixed reactions. Some were cheers and praising while others were loathing (and fist pumping too). Others also felt that UC2 should not have some standard death match offering but rather a more unique experience. So did UC2 make the cut, and join the halls of great MP Shooters?


The thing about UC2 is that the combat is smooth and the guns are great! The maps are also well made and carefully thought out. There is also a “CoD4 type” ranking system in it, which it feels now that ALL games are going in that direction (little Timmy doesn’t like losing his rank). So the one thing UC2 does “meh” is the magnetism and the spacy controls. Mind you, I have been playing shooters competitively for a little over 5 years now and I don’t miss that often. For some reason in UC2 I have to fight the controls to aim at my target.

I am sure that this is something that Naughty Dog might fix, but if not then it’s no big deal. For what it’s worth the combat does have a unique Gears of War feel to it and the best part is it doesn’t feel like a tacked on extra. Kudos to Naughty Dog for taking chances.

Now the burning question remains: Is this game fit for competitive play?

Since this game is on the PS3 I will go on a limb and say YES! For one, there is not that many options on the PS3 as all the games either find some way to die or are just not that popular (Except Killzone 2 but on the Gambattles side, it’s dead). When the full game launches hopefully Naughty Dog has included lots of custom settings so that leagues like MLG and WCG might see this as a viable competitive platform that might catapult the PS3 in to the competitive space that is domination by Microsoft/Xbox 360. If you have the beta continue to play and leave feedback for Naughty Dog on the beta forums!


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