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Follw me on Twitter!

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Ladies and Gents! I am on a quest! I want to achieve at least 100 followers, and to do so I am pleading for your help!

I have no illusions of getting the past 100 but if I could at least GET TO 100 then I will be happy!  So please support the cause and add @Goldenboy87


What’s in my console?

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Every week I will discuss what game is in my console, and why I am playing it!

In the 360:

The question isn’t’ what disc is in my console but rather what XBLA game is in my hard drive! This week that honor goes to Marvel vs. Capcom AND ‘Splosion Man! Yeah I know I cheated, big deal!

MvC2 is the staple of fighting games and a throwback to the better times of gaming (oh how I miss my Dreamcast!). With frantic 3 on 3 action and the greatest ensemble of characters in any fighting game to date, MvC2 has stood the test of time and will continue to amaze a new generation of fighting game fans. 2009 has really become the year of the beatdown! In case any of you nubs are wondering, I use (in order) Cable, Tron Bon, and Captain Commando! I accept all challengers!

(But will probably lose…)

Next up is ‘Splosion Man! If I could describe this game in one word, that word would be sadistic. The purpose of the game is to make yourself explode (of splode?) in creative ways to get your ass to the end of the level. It’s classic platforming at its best and I wouldn’t have it any other way. What make this game even better is the co-op action and the potential unlockables! Me and my wife have spent some serious hours getting through the first area and I must say, I am proud of my wife who sometimes ‘splodes better the me!

I vote GOTY for ‘Splosion Man! Who’s with me! (crickets and tumble weed…)


In the PS3:

Things have been slow on PS3 land as of late but the one game that still takes over my heart is Civilization Revolution! I cannot get enough of this entry level strategy game by the genius mind of Sid Meier! With a multitude of ways to finish the game and various maps and map packs, CivRev has been worth every penny.

Check back in for next week! Cause you never know what may be in my console!

Been some time now…

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I have been a bad blogger. To be honest I felt the need to just drop the blog because it was so tough managing this all by myself. With a full-time job and some major responsibilities I find myself at a crossroads when it comes to the blog and my other personal goals.

This time around I intend on doing this blog and sticking with it. Who knows maybe something great can come out of this! So onward to what I will be doing:

  1. I will be buying the domain for this site but I am changing the name. Something a little bit more me.
  2. The direction of the site is going to change as well. I will no longer focus on giving gaming news because there are hundreds of other blogs/websites that do that. Instead I will just talk about the news from a hardcore gamers perspective.
  3. I am going to touch up on more of my experience in the gaming world and competitive gaming world

Hopefully people really dig what I am going to be doing here.

– Mr. O