Been some time now…

I have been a bad blogger. To be honest I felt the need to just drop the blog because it was so tough managing this all by myself. With a full-time job and some major responsibilities I find myself at a crossroads when it comes to the blog and my other personal goals.

This time around I intend on doing this blog and sticking with it. Who knows maybe something great can come out of this! So onward to what I will be doing:

  1. I will be buying the domain for this site but I am changing the name. Something a little bit more me.
  2. The direction of the site is going to change as well. I will no longer focus on giving gaming news because there are hundreds of other blogs/websites that do that. Instead I will just talk about the news from a hardcore gamers perspective.
  3. I am going to touch up on more of my experience in the gaming world and competitive gaming world

Hopefully people really dig what I am going to be doing here.

– Mr. O


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