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KIllzone 2 keeps on going!

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Every generation there is a game that has unprecedented support from the creators. Last gen it was Halo 2, when Bungie made update after update and still manged to roll out content even while the Halo 3 hype train was in full effect. While Bungie certainly does a lot for its community (MLG Playlist FTW!), the torch must be passed on. Who better to take up that title the Guerrilla Games Team, makers of Killzone 2. Continue reading


Halo 3: ODST and what we know

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We all know that Halo 3: ODST (or ODST for short) will be an expansion of the Halo universe. Now, for those who do not know about the actual “Halo Universe (read a book sometime!), the ODST unit or “Helljumpers” are a favorite for fans of Halo lore. While the game sticks with the core Halo mechanics you are in fact limited in your abilities due to you playing the roll of a regular human. This means less health and the Brutes are much bigger! Continue reading

Is OnLive the Console killer?

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Today recent reports from GDC came in that OnLive may in fact be the “be all end all” of consoles. Why? To simply put it OnLive can stream content from a network and you download it from said network to your cheap and inexpensive box. Think Live Arcade 10.0… Continue reading